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  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Tonight is what it means to be young (Fire Inc.)
  • Reading: Masters of the Universe's Magic Stealer
  • Watching: Streets of Fire
  • Eating: Eggplant
  • Drinking: Earl Grey tea
..while i'm drinking some tea and get some relax time, a friend of mine tagged me a photo of a poster that i did for his friend. Yes, it's a poster for a web series called 'Flicks'. Looking at the comments and knowing how happy the one who commissioned me about the artork that i've done and seeing the reaction of his crew about the poster make my heart feel....warm. and happy.

And then i opened my old e-mails from my clients stating ho happy they are with my work that i've done for them.

It's nice to know that your works got appreciated.

This is something that money can't but. The sensation..the feeling...the joy

Learning the knowledge that you can make people happy with my artworks (whatever the theme of the illustrations), it gives me the strength to keep improving myself and do something that i love.

Do what you love and love what you do, eventually it will love you back...

Thank God
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MADstarter Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
OK, gambaryance. I've just sent you an e-mail regarding the codes you need to get the money I sent you time ago. :) Hopefully, it won't get lost somewhere along the way.
MADstarter Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Congratulations for such beautiful artworks, gambaryance. :) Perhaps there are some of us who SHOULD be more appreciative of what you do, you know. :D

After all, you've made lots of people happy with the drawings you've done so far (whether they've asked you to do them or not) and which you've posted here at DA and other places around the web, so it's only fair you get such tokens of appreciation, right? ;)

And it doesn't matter if you don't get to post regularly new stuff at your gallery, since us fans of your art will ALWAYS enjoy what you have here in this little corner of yours at DA! :)
gambaryance Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks, man :)
Most of the people in my country still can't appreciate visual arts so it was nice to be reminded that some people out there still enjoy what i do.
MADstarter Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Heh, you're welcome, man! :XD: It's a shame you don't have the recognition you deserve at your country, but don't worry about it since one day everyone will take notice of it and see how much of a great artist you are! ;)

Oh, and I hope you don't mind me telling you about this here, but I hope you've finally gotten my e-mail with the info about the codes to get the money I sent you time ago for two artworks, one about the Felicia set of drawings you did years ago and the other for a second commission about Kekko Kamen, if I'm not mistaken. :) Sorry for insisting about this so much, but I've never been able to get a reply from you via DA Notes and e-mails. Perhaps you have problems with those? :?
gambaryance Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
That's okay. No, i haven't got the e-mail about it. Perhaps they went to my bulk mail. I rarely check my DA though :p
MADstarter Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
All righty then. :) I'll send it one more time via e-mail, okay? ;) Maybe this time you'll get it! :D

And from now on, e-mail is the way to go! :XD:
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